Excellence in Women’s Health: Why Plaza OBGYN Is Houston’s Premier Choice for Obstetrics and Gynecology. Choosing the right obstetrics and gynecology care provider is paramount to ensuring the health and well-being of both mothers and their babies. In Houston, Plaza OBGYN has been a pillar of trust and excellence since its inception in 1979. With a dedicated team of over 25 highly skilled professionals, Plaza OBGYN has delivered approximately 27,000 babies and has served around 1.5 million clients, illustrating their vast experience and deep trust in the community.

Why Choose Plaza OBGYN in Houston?

  • Established Expertise and Comprehensive Care

From its inception, Plaza OBGYN has been at the forefront of women’s health care. Having helped over 21,600 women overcome infertility, the clinic’s success is built on a foundation of extensive experience and advanced certifications. Their approach to treating conditions like fibroids and infertility is comprehensive, ensuring every client receives personalized and meticulous care that includes thorough investigations to determine the underlying causes of their condition.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and All-in-One Care

Plaza OBGYN transcends the typical clinic model; it is a comprehensive medical hub complete with its own surgical center, diagnostic laboratory, and a sophisticated medical spa. The last one offers a broad spectrum of beauty and wellness treatments, including advanced weight loss solutions, catering to a wide range of aesthetic and health needs. This all-encompassing approach ensures that patients receive consistent and coordinated care under one roof, reducing the need for external referrals and streamlining the treatment process. This setup is particularly beneficial for surgical practices, where the clinic’s doctors bring together over 30 years of surgical experience, performing around 6 surgeries weekly.

  • Tailored Treatments and Preventative Care

Understanding that each stage of a woman’s life presents unique health challenges, Plaza OBGYN offers tailored exams and treatments. While the clinic provides the same foundational exams for all women, additional investigations are conducted based on individual symptoms and concerns. This personalized approach is critical for effective treatment of conditions like breast cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, and cysts, which require early detection and ongoing management.

  • Specialized Treatments

In the realm of reproductive health, Plaza OBGYN excels not only in conventional treatments but also in innovative procedures like the O-Shot, enhancing their repertoire of intimate plastic surgeries beyond the Mona Lisa procedure. This specialization further cements their position as leaders in comprehensive and advanced gynecological care.

  • Fertility Success and Ethical Practice

A large percentage of women diagnosed with infertility at Plaza OBGYN achieve pregnancy naturally, thanks to the clinic’s approach to selecting cases and its thorough diagnostic process. This success rate highlights their commitment to providing hope and solutions to those who may have faced challenges conceiving.

  • Local Roots with Global Standards

Though rooted deeply in Houston, Plaza OBGYN’s practices meet global standards, drawing on decades of knowledge and experience to provide unmatched care in obstetrics and gynecology.

  • Comprehensive Hospital Affiliations for Maternity Care

Plaza OBGYN’s physicians are widely recognized and affiliated with numerous prestigious hospitals across Houston. This extensive network allows expectant mothers a broad choice of venues for delivery, tailored to their specific medical needs and personal preferences. Here are our key hospital affiliations:

  • Memorial Hermann Hospital – Texas Medical Center: Renowned for its comprehensive maternity services and cutting-edge facilities.
  • The Woman’s Hospital of Texas: Specializes in obstetrics, gynecology, and neonatal care, focusing exclusively on women’s health.

These affiliations underscore Plaza OBGYN’s commitment to providing the best maternal and healthcare options, reinforcing our role as a leader in women’s health in Houston.


For those navigating the complexities of pregnancy or seeking reliable gynecological care in Houston, Plaza OBGYN represents a top choice, trusted by nearly 100 women each month for menopause-related treatments alone. With a rich history of successful outcomes, comprehensive facilities, and a deeply patient-centered approach, Plaza OBGYN stands out as a beacon of excellence in women’s health care.