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To find the best fertility center in Houston, take time to research every clinic you consider. Don’t just schedule an appointment with the first place that returns your call. Seeking out fertility testing and treatment is a big decision, often costing serious amounts of money and requiring a significant time investment. You deserve only the best.

Choosing a fertility clinic is a very personal and subjective process. Feel free to ask your friends, doctor, insurance company, and local community for recommendations, but be sure to do the research before making a final decision.

When searching for the best fertility center in Houston, you can obtain valuable information by:

  • Reviewing their website
  • Consulting the CDC’s fertility clinic statistics report page
  • Visiting the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology website
  • Speaking to a clinic representative over the phone or in person
  • Speaking with current or former patients
  • Meeting and interviewing your potential doctor during a consultation

How to Evaluate the Best Fertility Center In Houston

A fertility center is only as good as its staff. Depending on how the clinic operates, a patient may be assigned to one particular doctor, or they may see a few different specialists on a rotating basis. There are pros and cons to both setups, but usually, the patient should have one primary fertility doctor as their main contact and a case manager.

Here are a few questions each patient should ask when considering a fertility doctor:

  • Does the doctor take time to answer questions? Are patients able to ask questions via email during testing and treatment? If they’re unwilling to meet with a patient for a consultation, then the doctor may not have time for the patient once they’re officially a patient. An unwillingness to answer questions up front is a bad sign.
  • When and where was the doctor trained? Are they board-certified OBGYN physicians? How long have they been treating patients diagnosed with infertility?
  • Who is on staff? Does the clinic have an andrologist and/or urologist on staff? Male patients experiencing infertility issues will need the expertise of an andrologist and/or urologist. For female patients dealing with endometriosis or issues with their organs, a reproductive surgeon is a plus and oftentimes a must.
  • Which hospitals is the fertility center affiliated with? What insurance is accepted by that hospital? Even if the insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment, patients who need to be hospitalized due to complications of treatment will want to be covered.
  • How long has the clinic been in operation? The best fertility center in Houston has been in the community for many years and has established a reputation of trustworthiness and excellence. Find out how long the other staff members have worked at the clinic as well. The longer staff stay with the clinic, the more likely it is that the facility runs smoothly.
  • How many specialists work at the clinic? Find out if a case is handled by one doctor or a team, and ask who will be managing each patient visit. If the case is complex, the patient may need a team of specialists. On the other hand, patients may not want to see a different doctor at every appointment.
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