Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, brain fog, low energy, moodiness, anxiety,difficulty sleeping or weight gain?

If you said yes to one or more of these symptoms, then you should consider pellet hormone replacement therapy. Hormone pellets have been used for over 50 years across the globe to treat hormone imbalances due to menopausal changes. The hormone pellets are deposited into the subcutaneous tissue and offer a slow and steady release of the hormones that mimic the body’s natural physiologic action. Considered bio-identical, hormone pellets are individualized to each patient based on their own hormone levels to achieve physiologic normality.

The use of hormone replacement therapy can improve any of the symptoms that are typical of menopausal changes. Pellets, as opposed to gels, pills, or other hormone alternatives, slowly release hormones leading to a consistent level of hormones in the body. No surges and drops in hormone levels throughout the day. There is an internal control of how much hormones your body needs.Hormones can also have a benefit on overall total body fat, cholesterol, depression and can help maintain and improve bone mineral density. The overall risks associated with hormone pellets is considered low.

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