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Plaza OB/GYN features some of the best obstetricians in Houston helping area women achieve successful pregnancies.

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. To help you achieve a successful pregnancy, our Houston Obstetricians focus on providing exceptional prenatal care and delivery. We offer complete care for before, during, and after delivery, including testing, screening, counseling, ultrasound examination, monitoring, and delivery for routine and high-risk pregnancies to help women reach the next stage of their lives as parents.

Routine Pregnancy

Our doctors in Houston provide compassionate care and will answer all of your questions to explain your pregnancy as it progresses. We guide you through prenatal counseling, testing, amniocentesis, screening, ultrasound examinations, and delivery. Our obstetrics doctors have many years of experience delivering babies vaginally, by Cesarean section, and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancies can occur when a woman has a history of complications, pre-term births, recurrent miscarriages, multiple fetuses, advanced maternal age (over 35 years) or certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. With additional monitoring and tests, we work tirelessly with our patients to ensure a healthy pregnancy outcome.


Although miscarriages can be devastating and common, recurrent pregnancy loss can be prevented. The majority of women who lose a pregnancy go on to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy in the future. We work with patients by conducting an extensive evaluation to identify the cause of their miscarriages and treat it accordingly.

Trusted Gynecological & Obstetrics Care

For three decades, Plaza OB/GYN has provided Houston women unparalleled care from our nationally renowned doctors. Creating a safe and nurturing environment for gynecological and obstetrics care.


Top OBGYNs in Houston

Plaza OB/GYN has been providing state-of-the-art gynecological and obstetrical care for women in the Houston area for over 15 years. Along with routine women's healthcare, our physicians specialize in infertility, endometriosis, adolescent gynecology, Minimally Invasive Procedures, high risk pregnancies, and more.


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