It can be overwhelming to decide which form of birth control is the right one for your body and lifestyle. With all of the options available today, making the right choice is a daunting task. While no method of birth control is perfect, an IUD is the answer for people looking for a low-maintenance method and maximum peace of mind. Read also “Exploring Types of IUD Birth Control: Insights from Houston OBGYN Experts at Plaza OBGYN“.

First, a little bit about the IUD, or an intrauterine device. IUDs are T-shaped plastic instruments that fit snugly in a person’s uterus to prevent pregnancy for anywhere from 3-12 years. There are two types of IUDs: hormonal and non-hormonal. IUDs offer no protection against STIs, so it is still important to make safe choices, with regard, to keeping your body disease-free. Finally, intrauterine devices must be inserted by a professional. Perhaps this will be of interest to you: “Opting for Confidence: Why I Chose a Male OBGYN at Plaza OBGYN, Houston“.

Here are five reasons why the IUD is the queen of birth control methods:

1. IUDs are low maintenance.

There is nothing easier than visiting a gynecologist, having a quick procedure, and not thinking about birth control for the next several years. Aside from a follow-up visit a month after insertion and yearly check-ups, women can enjoy no-hassle, worry-free protection until they decide they want to remove the IUD to try to get pregnant or replace it upon expiration.

Hormonal IUDs last anywhere from 3-6 years and non-hormonal, copper options can stay in the uterus for as long as 12 years.

2. IUDs are effective.

IUDs are one of the only forms of birth control that can accurately claim to be 99.9% at preventing unwanted pregnancy. In the extremely rare cases, where conception occurs with an IUD in place, the culprit is most likely improper placement of the device. Research the provider’s qualifications before having the procedure.

3. IUDs can help with bad periods.

If allowing people to take control of their life by preventing pregnancy isn’t enough, hormonal IUDs also deliver relief from period symptoms. Heavy bleeding and intense cramps don’t stand a chance against the hormones released into the body for most IUD users. These plastic heroes even stop periods entirely for about a third of people that have them.

4. IUDs do not affect your sex life.

All IUD brands claim that sexual partners should not be able to feel the strings during sex, and most polls of users and their partners corroborate this. If the strings that protrude from the cervix can be felt, they can simply be trimmed by a healthcare provider for increased comfort.

5. IUDs are economical.

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of the IUD is how cost-effective they are. Many insurance companies will completely cover the prescription and insertion, most will at least cover a large portion of these services, and very few offer no help paying for the device/insertion. If not covered by insurance, a visit to Planned Parenthood might be able to help with the cost. Even at full price the device and procedure are usually a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind that they last for a minimum of three years, so it is well worth the money!

The Bottom Line

If you’re still on the fence about what method of birth control to choose, consider the many benefits of an IUD when making your decision. As far as highly effective contraceptives go, it doesn’t get much easier to manage than an IUD, and you’ll feel at peace knowing that you’re protected for years. (Perhaps you might also find it interesting to read about the Birth Control and Contraception)


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